imageIf you're like many gifted and prolific writers,

your particular talent may not be pinpointing every small detail of grammar, punctuation, usage, and wording. But mine is! Not only do I have an eagle eye for accuracy, but in my thirty-plus years of teaching I helped students at all levels, along with others, find the right words and structures to express what they really want to say in both poetry and prose.

Let me help you make your writing shine and get it out there! Whether you're into blogging, maintaining a website, self-publishing or submitting a manuscript, you can be confident that your material will reach your audience clearly and with maximum impact. (Dissertations are no problem; my own required only format editing.) No need to compromise on style: I'll find just the right balance between meticulous accuracy and the flow of your unique voice.



Copy Editing, Poetry Editing, Proofreading



Pricing is on on a per-word or per-page basis and varies according to amount of work needed.



"Editing – turning a writer’s wild ramblings into coherent thoughts and sentences. I know that I personally am one very rambly kind of writer and Naila did wonders in turning my prose into something readable and publishable. I’ve used her on my latest book and surely intend to use her on the one I am working on now. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional, yet personal and caring editing of their work."

James McGovern, published author of You CAN Go Home Again and Twelve Steps to Change Your World, www.12stepsforall.com

"The unique demands of my publishing project found an excellently suited editor in Naila Schulte. The sacred material required a spiritually mature and sensitive writer. Her extensive and ongoing, personal contact with the Sufi wisdom tradition and others is a precise fit for this holy work. Coming from a successful career in the teaching of English and creative writing, she practices her craft with high-level language skills and precise grammatical tools. Her developed prowess in poetry and songwriting elevates her work. Efficient, dedicated and punctual are easily applied kudos for her ethics and work standards .I would highly recommend her -- 5 STARS!"

James Villareal, Psychotherapist, Poet and Author

“Naila Schulte performed the copy edit for one of the longer Fellowship Press books after my deep line edit. The material was challenging, and Naila showed her ability to spot anything that detracted from correctness, accuracy, and clarity. Her keen eye was a Godsend. I learned a lot from her about the rhythm and flow of language, and knowing she was on the job gave me peace of mind. Thank you, Naila!

Sarah Aschenbach, Manuscript Editor and Writing Coach, Inspired Solutions, LLC

"In the realm of poetry editing I am happy to recommend Naila Schulte. She knows her grammar inside out and backwards, but more to the point is a keen interpreter of poetic nuance and how it is affected by grammar and punctuation, as well as by syntax and verse construction. She has worked extensively on my own Sonnets and has provided a sharp and insightful service in that regard."

J. Clark, Poet and Artist, www.joelclarkartist.com