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Poetry of Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Blog: http://www.ecstaticxchange.wordpress.com
Website: http://www.danielmoorepoetry.com


The Twin Poets:
Dreams Are Illegal in the Ghetto



What Was Said to the Rose (Rumi read by Coleman Barks)



Dominique Christina & Denice Frohman:
No Child Left Behind


Sample Testimonials


"Naila Schulte has singlehandedly brought poetry to Mighty Writers West with her workshop, 'My Poetic Voice'. Through the workshop, Ms. Naila has coaxed her students' inner visions onto the page in magical language that warms the senses and the heart. Indeed, if you ask her Mighty Writers how Ms. Naila has helped them, they will undoubtedly reply the she has guided them into discovering their true poetic voices."

--Annette John-Hall, Program Director, Mighty Writers West

“I have personally known Naila Schulte for many years. She has worked for the Fellowship Press in the capacity of a copy editor on two books, and her skills are excellent. She currently edits and writes for the quarterly newsletter of our organization. She is very reliable and always gets her work done in a timely fashion, meeting any deadlines that have been set. She has all the skills and knowledge needed for editing and copy editing work. She makes sure that the text is expressed clearly and has a sharp eye for detail and the picking-up of errors.

“Naila works well independently as well as with others, and would be a great asset for any publisher or writer.”

--Cora Maschwitz, Administrative Assistant, Fellowship Press

“The poetry workshop that I attended, facilitated by Dr. Naila Schulte, was such an impactful broadening of my creative boundaries...and it was just one workshop! Dr. Schulte cultivated in us as workshop participants, a creative range that allowed us to use the many aspects of our lives-- pleasure and pain, triumph and tragedy, etc., to tap into our natural talents and expand the limitless possibilities of our writing. I was able to take away techniques that allow me to overcome "writer's block", and also explore different ways of using my writing. I now try to incorporate poetry and creative writing into every aspect of my personal and professional being -- from journaling to incorporating writing into my workshops, and even with teaching my undegraduate students!! Much thanks to you Dr. Schulte, for helping me to tap into what was there all along. Looking forward to future dynamic and awe-inspiring writing workshops with you!”

--Annette Owens-Johnson, MSW, LCSW Boundary Span~ Spanning Boundaries, Building Bridges

". . .Every important birthday, the passing of my husband, the birth of my daughter – all were beautifully honored with poetry and even song. She included small details that I didn’t even know she remembered, and on occasion, added a humorous touch! She is a very talented wordsmith!” 

--Clare P. Maher Philadelphia, PA 19128

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